Been doing a buisiness app mobile client + server

Not been doing games lately, alas but.. I’ve finsihed a business app that I’ve been busy with for about 3 month or so. April, May, June..  It’s a mobile client made in flash which a company’s personel uses on their mobile tablets.. and there’s a server part that accepts data sent from those clients and generates pdf reports and in turn sends them to customers and managers..  Also mobile clients can update their internal data (images, constants, etc..) loading them from database.

  • I bought an ios developer account
  • tried adobe air on tablets.. the app and some of my games on android and apple devices
  • learned php + mysql + mpdf (for server side pdf generation)

I earned some money and learned new stuff that I may need in future.

Now I’m getting back to games 😉

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how to disassemble asus wl-520gu router

First you unscrew the 2 visible screws!
And then you should find the remaining ones which are hidden below rubber pads (not all of them) on the bottom of the device!
Or you can let your rage out and break and smash it just like I did))
naa.. it was malfunctioning already.. )
still I like this model, it served me good


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Need 20 likes to change the facebook page name

A couple of likes here, please)

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Drawing backgrounds for Zomboslime

Almost finished.. is same as half way done
Had a pause in development, now drawing backgrounds..
Also some things were changed since last post;
– controls changed
– perspective view replaced with isometric (in backgrounds)
– …

Here’s a sample screenshot of the game

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Getting close to finish )

Hi, guys I’m very close to finishing “Zomboslime”.
I plan to put it on fgl on 15-20 of november ))


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box2das3 memory leak

Here’s a cool blog post that will help you fix the problem. I already applied that patch and it works great!)

It contains some modifications you have to apply to your box2d(2.1a).

This patch fixes a bug with contacts pull and contacts factory that caused memory leaks. Plus it clears the b2Body internals for quicker garbage collection.

Also, you can force garbage collection using System.gc() from time to time; But a call to this stops debugger execution; at least it did so on Adobe Flash CS6, so beware)

Once again, thanks to devizgl for his fix! )

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