as3 error 1180: call to a possibly undefined method

I metĀ this error several time, and it was pretty hard to fix, cause I didn’t know why this error was raised at all.

The reason was this: I used a local var name identical to some namespace name.

Let’s say you have a namespace vk, and you declare a local var vk:Object and then are trying to call some method on it. To as3 compiler vk is not a local var but a namespace, woala)) The solution is just select another name for you local var šŸ˜‰ Cheers!

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pseudo-problem: js function undefined

well often you have an external js file you load and keep some functions in it; and eventually it can appear broken or missing some of the functions while you code your site, or they could work improperly.. My guess is that the js file just got cached and you load old version which is missing funcs or having old versions of them šŸ˜‰ In this case you could do it this way:

<script src=”/js/yourjsfile.js?604” type=”text/javascript”></script>

where 604 is just the number of your edit) so you edit js file and inc this by 1 for example so that client loads it anew..
Cheers, hope this helps someone, also let me know if there is something you can add, comment on this

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Crop tool in photoshop CC not working (solved “problem”)

Well if you drag some photos to your photoshop CC canvas, scale, rotate, position them as you need and select crop tool it could fail. Or better say perform no visible action, the outer parts of images remain where they were i.e. no cropping occurs. This could be because these layers are smart-objects (whatever it is) )) and have special icon on the layer list. The solution is to rasterize those layers before cropping. THat’s it, thanks, bye!)

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Chrome cleanup-tool

Recently, my mom caught a browser hijack malware.. forcing its search-engine to get default in all browsers. The name(and related names) of it was this:Ā Smartbar, sonic-search, ReSoft, Websearch,

Well, in order to remove it use a tool created by Google, thanks to them, which is called:

Chrome cleanup-tool.Ā ItĀ cures (removes) this search-tool from all browsers: firefox, chrome…

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Can’t sleep in the night?? draw some dumb stuff))


Imagine Turok with graphics such as I’v just made)) uber realistic special effects)

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Bought one more tablet. Wacom ctl-460


This one is not too large, but is quick and responsive. It doesnt have an eraser on top of the pen, but since I only draw in adobe flash, I dont need it anyway)

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Tiny tip for NaN use

Use case:

//you have a number in text format and you want to convert it to number format
//and also to make sure there is no character inside
var nTemp:Number = Number(someStringWithCharactersInsideProbably);
if (isNan(nTemp))
//aha.. there are some characters inside

//and what I wanted to point out..
//This won’t work

if (nTemp == NaN)

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