Shovellica! :) :) :) First ever guitar made of a shovel!

english version

and original Russian version

Order now! 🙂

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2 Responses to Shovellica! :) :) :) First ever guitar made of a shovel!

  1. rod socull says:

    I Love it you and your Shovel sound great.
    I would like to build one similar to yours.
    Do you have any build videos or plans you could send me.
    the other Youtube guys only do 1 or 3 string unfretable instruments.

    You and Your design KICK ASS.

    Thank You
    Rod S

  2. Hi Rod, this is not me who did this shovel guitar! I was just reposting, sharing this video since I like it too a lot!)))
    It’s build by Yatsina Pavel – leader of old Crimean\Sympheromol cursing-trash-punk band Krasnaya Plesen ( You can watch other videos on Shovellica’s channel
    I think they don’t make\sell those guitars at the moment neither will they send their plans, schemes.. Anyways good luck with your shovell!!)))) 😉

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