Adobe Flash Player issues on Linux

Well, I tested “Cave puzzles” on Microsoft Windows (XP,Vista,Windows7) and MacOs Snow Leopart, but never tried Linux. And it turned out that the Adobe Flash Player 10.x for Linux had some issues with 3rd level of the game, making it impossible to move on further under linux. Although the game was all right on Windows and MacOs. The problem was that some of the collision boxes were missing or moved aside.
At first I thought it was due to the swf protecting software – Kindisoft secureSwf. I tried testing the game under Ubuntu without protection – same results.
Well all I did then is just resize some of the collision boxes, and also selected the whole scene and shifted it aside just to make something different. And it helped 🙂
At least I had a reason to try out Ubuntu, which:
– allowed to install itself right from under windows vista (and added a boot option)
– looked pretty friendly
– and was totally free
I failed to install it on my old notebook Asus X50V series.

Developers, test your flash games on: Windows, MacOs and LINUX!! 🙂
Give a try to Ubuntu. It is free.

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