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Svesiv kedi s nebes / Свесив кеды с небес

My debut as a beginner trombonist )

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Tabascojamm played in Kirishi\Russia; the teenagers day celebration

30 june, the teenagers day, and an offical celebration + fest (of 8 groups) on the main square of Kirishi, a small russian city. I played with the Tabascojamm (my bari sax line); well I was short of time to … Continue reading

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Suburb train busking debut

Today was the very first time I tried busking. A friend of mine, Batyr, played accordion and sang and I played bari saxophone (the low bass line). We got on a suburbian train and played 1 song in all of … Continue reading

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Bought a guitar combo for street performances :)

I decided that its just the right time to start busking this summer. So I started my search for a cool guitar combo able to play audio/drum loops. At first I checked the Roland MicroCube, but my bari sax was … Continue reading

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Creating chip-tune music

Way01: I tried but failed to find a software capable of converting mp3s to 8bit retro style. But, I found a program that can play midi’s and produce exactly that old days style. Here it is: It outputs WAV, … Continue reading

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Where to get free SFX (sound effects) for games

This post is for me myself 🙂 and for all the other guys wanting to find cool SFX (sound effects) for their own games. I’m going to update this post from time to time to add more links to cool … Continue reading

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Shovellica! :) :) :) First ever guitar made of a shovel!

english version and original Russian version Order now! 🙂

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