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Renderdoc with Steam 2021

Exit steam Choose C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe as an app to run in RenderDoc and supply a command arguement -applaunch appid. Also allow “Capture child processes” You can get appid in the properties page of the game you want to run … Continue reading

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It’s been a month since I started learning Spanish using Duolingo!

30 days strive (achieving some definite XP every day) complete! 🙂 And I can say that this is a great app for learning Spanish and probably other languages too. It’s basically a set of misc tests prepared beforehand and split … Continue reading

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Update src to certain commit in git (temporarily revert)

Just a self reminder, if you want to revert temporarily to a previous commit of some src(lib,etc) just type git checkout [commit-hash]

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Ported “Christmas stocking” game from Flash to Unity3D ;)

Hello guys, I just finished porting one of my old games (december 2012) “Christmas stocking” from Flash to Unity3d, everything seems to work fine. You can check it out here: So far, I’m pretty impressed and satisified with Unity3d, … Continue reading

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Switching to Unity3d

Already tried creating a mesh manually and animating uv coords on it to implement a kaleidoscope logic, works fine. Had to call RecalcNormals or something like that, for it to receive light properly.

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haxedevelop 5.3 crashing on startup

find and delete session data file C:\Users\YouUserName\AppData\Local\HaxeDevelop\Settings\SessionData.fdb 😉

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Flash is dead -> move to haxe

Heard somewhere that Adobe is dropping support\development of flash player(swf) by 2020. So I’m moving to haxe and unity3d, sloooowly)) Currently busy with haxe+openfl

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