Drawing backgrounds for Zomboslime

Almost finished.. is same as half way done
Had a pause in development, now drawing backgrounds..
Also some things were changed since last post;
– controls changed
– perspective view replaced with isometric (in backgrounds)
– …

Here’s a sample screenshot of the game

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Getting close to finish )

Hi, guys I’m very close to finishing “Zomboslime”.
I plan to put it on fgl on 15-20 of november ))


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box2das3 memory leak

Here’s a cool blog post that will help you fix the problem. I already applied that patch and it works great!)

It contains some modifications you have to apply to your box2d(2.1a).

This patch fixes a bug with contacts pull and contacts factory that caused memory leaks. Plus it clears the b2Body internals for quicker garbage collection.

Also, you can force garbage collection using System.gc() from time to time; But a call to this stops debugger execution; at least it did so on Adobe Flash CS6, so beware)

Once again, thanks to devizgl for his fix! )

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Protected: Wake me up (test zone)

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“Zomboslime” flash game announce

“Zomboslime” is a new flash game I’m going to finish within a month.
Here go some characters.. This is not final yet

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FGDcup #5 over

This FGD(fast game development) Cup’s dev topic was “alternative endings”.
Participants had to complete their flash/unity/.. games within 7 days.

See my game in its very early DEMO state on FGL:

It is called “Wake me up”

Walkthrough (its very little you can do in this game yet):
– in location1 go to farthest left
– click on picture and solve the Fifteens game (this will give you a key)
– take the key from inventory and drop it on the door
– be quick to move across location2 to the next door, enter it..  that’s it currently

01 02

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FGD (fast game development) cup #5 started on 5th of august!


I’m participating too, doing an adventure\quest game. The common topic for this contest is “alternative endings”.

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