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“Krasnaya Plesen”(Красная плесень) in A2 club, Spb/Russia, explicit lyrics

Some photos and video )

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Our new game “Click defense: green danger” is almost ready for bidding on FGL

Another flash game we just finished with Denis Vasilev. Here is a screenshot, of what its all about.. Check it out there Click defense: green danger on Hope we find good sponsorship..))

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MouseEnabled “not working” in flash as3. Solved

Spent half the night fighting that issue, I wanted to disable mouse clicks for TextFields on my gui HUD panel. So that I could click units beneath those text fields. tf.mouseEnabled = false;//didnt work for me as well as tf_parent.mouseEnabled … Continue reading

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Creating chip-tune music

Way01: I tried but failed to find a software capable of converting mp3s to 8bit retro style. But, I found a program that can play midi’s and produce exactly that old days style. Here it is: It outputs WAV, … Continue reading

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Where to get free SFX (sound effects) for games

This post is for me myself 🙂 and for all the other guys wanting to find cool SFX (sound effects) for their own games. I’m going to update this post from time to time to add more links to cool … Continue reading

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Hello 7k7k, hope you liked the game :) chinese piracy.. is greater than that of Russia 🙂

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iOS developer program

Finally I’ve become a registered Apple iOs developer, this means that I can test my ios programs on the device natively and also get support (forums,…). I had some problems sending a fax, but finally it got to the point. … Continue reading

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