Focusrite scarlett 2i4 drivers crash on windows 10 all the time

Well current version of windows 10 drivers for this device is really unstable! Drivers crash bringing blue screen of death every 10-20 minutes of usual Pc usage. While support team replies and behaves nice, the fact remains clear you can’t use this device with Win10 comfortly at the moment! This is sad! The target os for those devices is MacOs I assume, I have a macmini but I don’t want to use it for music. So beware of that before buying the device! They forgot to inform you of that “tiny” issue.

Other than that the device has very low asio latency and looks solid and stylish. Hope they do a decent job and fix those drivers..

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Chrome cleanup-tool

Recently, my mom caught a browser hijack malware.. forcing its search-engine to get default in all browsers. The name(and related names) of it was this: Smartbar, sonic-search, ReSoft, Websearch,

Well, in order to remove it use a tool created by Google, thanks to them, which is called:

Chrome cleanup-tool. It cures (removes) this search-tool from all browsers: firefox, chrome…

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Can’t sleep in the night?? draw some dumb stuff))


Imagine Turok with graphics such as I’v just made)) uber realistic special effects)

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Bought one more tablet. Wacom ctl-460


This one is not too large, but is quick and responsive. It doesnt have an eraser on top of the pen, but since I only draw in adobe flash, I dont need it anyway)

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Tiny tip for NaN use

Use case:

//you have a number in text format and you want to convert it to number format
//and also to make sure there is no character inside
var nTemp:Number = Number(someStringWithCharactersInsideProbably);
if (isNan(nTemp))
//aha.. there are some characters inside

//and what I wanted to point out..
//This won’t work

if (nTemp == NaN)

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Been doing a buisiness app mobile client + server

Not been doing games lately, alas but.. I’ve finsihed a business app that I’ve been busy with for about 3 month or so. April, May, June..  It’s a mobile client made in flash which a company’s personel uses on their mobile tablets.. and there’s a server part that accepts data sent from those clients and generates pdf reports and in turn sends them to customers and managers..  Also mobile clients can update their internal data (images, constants, etc..) loading them from database.

  • I bought an ios developer account
  • tried adobe air on tablets.. the app and some of my games on android and apple devices
  • learned php + mysql + mpdf (for server side pdf generation)

I earned some money and learned new stuff that I may need in future.

Now I’m getting back to games 😉

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how to disassemble asus wl-520gu router

First you unscrew the 2 visible screws!
And then you should find the remaining ones which are hidden below rubber pads (not all of them) on the bottom of the device!
Or you can let your rage out and break and smash it just like I did))
naa.. it was malfunctioning already.. )
still I like this model, it served me good


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